New look for 22″ WTP Audio

We The People (WTP) just dropped the deets on the 2021 version of their high-end 22″ complete, the Audio.

It looks like geo and parts-wise they have stuck with what has made the Audio so popular over the last few years.


It comes standard with a 21.9″ top tube and a slightly more park and street-oriented geo vs. the more common “trails-y”-inspired geo of many 22s.  The frame is aftermarket quality (it’s also available separately as a frame and fork kit).

New for 2021, is a matte aqua red finish which is essentially a camo/tie-dye style colorway which was found on the WTP Revolver frame last year.


The  colorway is a bit of a departure from the 2020 Trans Blue (which I totally dug) but this is kinda growing on me.

For more breakdown of the new Audio, peep the walkthrough provided by WTP.

Glad to see this model still going strong in 2021. If you’re thinking about getting one these, probably a good idea to start hitting up your WTP dealer.



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