Gary Turner 22″ Legend frame set

Want to relive the 80s glory days when GT Pro Performers and Dyno Compes ruled the freestyle world?

Think you’ve outgrown 20″ bikes…and the new 26″ GT Performer reboot is just a tad too big?

Well, you’re in luck!

Gary Turner (the original “GT”) just debuted his new 22″ legend frame.


Featuring a lot of the style cues of the OG GT & Dyno freestyle bikes but scaled up for larger riders (it features a 22″ top tube too)…this frame/fork set is a real looker.

You can’t see it all in this photo (click over to the Gary Turner Facebook page for a more detailed video) but the frame features a top tube platform, a Pro Performer-like downtube and Bottema-ish forks….if you rode in that era, you know how cool this stuff is.

No details yet on the geo and the rest of the specs…but it definitely has our attention!