Lurch jumps on the 22″ train

If you’re a reader, you might remember a post on Lurch’s  custom Stout 26-inch.

It was eye-catching in a “is it a MTB or BMX?” kinda way.

Well, since then Lurch has changed up his bike some (OK, a lot.)

Dealing with an injury, Lurch decided to take on a new project. According to Lurch,

I actually just built up a brand new 22″ S & M ATF.  Ended up parting out the Stout bike, sold it all off and wanted to start a new project while I was still healing up from my injury.

So I been seeing more and more of these 22″ builds lately and wanted to try it out for myself and see what the hype is about….I absolutely love it!!! One of the best bikes I have ever built up.

Lurch sent over some pics and it looks dialed.

Lurch 22 front

I checked with Lurch earlier this month and he’s still on the 22″,  loving the new setup and enjoying the summer.

Lurch 22 side

I can’t wait to see some riding pics!