This is the new stuff

Oh man, it’s that time of year….

Bike companies are rolling out that new stuff. Shedding the skin* of the previous year’s lineup and getting hyped for the new model year.

Stolen’s updated their popular Spade complete with an appropriately trail-sy colorway.

Subrosa’s upsized their 22″ Malum complete bike from 21.5 top tube to one that is 22″. The raw with a hint of orange anno is super nice too.


DK’s back with the iconic 22″ General Lee in two colorways: the iconic orange Duke Boys orange and the Maximum Steel colorway,which sounds a bit like an 80s metal band, but is actually has nice blue/grey finish. The Maximum Steel is a limited run situation so don’t sleep on it if strikes your fancy.


Speaking of limited runs, FBM is also doing a run of their beauty 22″ Steadfast frames.…this time in two sizes: 22 3/4″ and 22″ top tube lengths. You can get these in one of three colorways: Sunburst, Tundra Green, Trans Brown.


Finally, Big Dave over at PDC collaborated with rider Matt Stahl to develop the 22″ Operator frame. Featuring a steeper head tube and more responsive geometry (than most trailsy 22″ frames). Matt, along with a bunch of other volunteer testers, are currently riding the prototypes and making final recommendations before it goes on the market. It looks real good though.

More on that in a followup post.



*I guess I got an a bit of a Peter Gabriel “Sledgehammer” kick there…

First look: Subrosa Malum 22

After much anticipation/hinting that it would come…Subrosa has confirmed that they are rolling out a 22″ in their 2019 lineup.

Part of the Malum line (it goes by “Malum 22”) it appears to be solidly spec’d.

(It even comes stock with a Shadow Interlock chain which is a nice touch.)

In terms of frame specs/geo, this is what we’re working with:

  • Head angle: 74 degrees
  • Seat angle: 71 degrees
  • Top Tube: 21.5″
  • Chain stay: 14″
  • Standover: 9″

The frame, fork & bars are 100% cro-mo.

(See everything else here)

Watch for these to be hitting your local Subrosa dealer any day now (if they’re not there already).


Pictures: Subrosa