Odyssey Lumberjack bars get bigger

One of Odyssey’s more popular “big” handlebars just got bigger.

The new Lumberjack XXL bars are a full 9.8″ high and 30′ wide (both wider and taller than its predecessor the Lumberjack XL). Rounding out the spec sheet, these bars sport a 11° backsweep and 2° upsweep.

Other notables are multi-butted main tubing and Odyssey’s 41-Thermal Lifetime Warranty…which means, in layman’s terms, these bars will take whatever you throw at them.

Nice upgrade by Odyssey.


Big bars, back in the day

Think the big handlebar trend is strictly a new school thing?

Not exactly.

Back in the 80s, there were a few tall bar options…if you knew where to seek them out (and if you could find them!)

Case in point, the GT XT handlebars

Clocking in at a 10-3/4″ rise, these were tall before tall was cool.

The XT in the name stood for extra tall and, according to the ad, were “for tall pro’s.”

I don’t think Nelson Chanady (in the ad) was that tall…but he sure looks like he means business though, don’t he?