Verde jumps on the 22″ bandwagon

You can add Verde to the list of companies jumping on the 22″ bandwagon.

Frankly, it’s getting to the point that it seems weird when a BMX company doesn’t offer a 22″ option…it just goes to show how far the 22″ movement has come in just the last few years.

In terms of Verde’s 22″ offering, the 22″Spectrum, it’s spec’ed out with a tri-moly frame, full chromoly fork and bars, double-wall rims, and a Verde Neutra drivetrain.

The 320mm Verde one-piece alloy Pivotal post and tanwall (yes!) tires are nice touches as well.

In the colorway department, matte black or matte slate (grey) are your options.

Not too shabby for a first outing in the 22″ category…good job Verde!