Scott Matual’s track-certified 22

In our last post, we learned that Scott Matual was testing the new 22″S&M Speedball tire.

Designed for dirt or park, the tires look like they’re going to be a solid tire choice once testing is complete.

And Matual is not pulling out any stops in his testing.

Scott Matual race 22

S&M shared on their Facebook page today that Scott Matual took home a 2nd and a 4th in 46 and over Expert this past weekend at the Great NW Nationals on his 22″ (with the prototype tires presumably)!

(Pic by RH Photography BMX)

3 thoughts on “Scott Matual’s track-certified 22

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  2. I’m digging those tires and the 22″ idea, but are they legal in class? I thought the idea of the OS20 stuff was that it was just below the cutoff (total diameter “shall not exceed 22.5″); and I’ve read that many 22″ tires (not OS20) are actually about 23” in diameter.


    • What I’ve been hearing is that the smaller 22″ tires (2.1) are just under the cutoff. Marty Christman raced a 22″ Indust at recent Texas national…he posted a picture of how his wheels just made the cutoff. (If you run the bigger tires you’ll probably get bumped to cruiser…at least that’s my understanding)


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