The United KF22’s tall appeal

The details of Kyle Forte‘s much anticipated new signature United KF22 complete created a bit of buzz on the interwebs when they were released this past Friday.

And no wonder…

It’s a solidly spec’d complete…and on top of that got the scoop in the form of an interview on what motivated Kyle to make the jump (pun sorta intended) to the 22″ wheel size.


It’s a great read and encapsulates a lot of what people are saying about 22s.

Of particular interest to this site, however, was Kyle’s belief that 22s are a great option for tall riders:

…this bike will appeal to the taller rider as well. The only options until now for taller BMX riders have been to lengthen your top tube, or put on higher bars & perhaps a longer stem. Riding a long low limo isn’t ideal & putting on really tall bars is likely going to either shorten your top tube if you run your bars back like I do, or if you run bars past the forks put your weight forward over the front. The 22”…looks like a bigger, in proportion BMX when you put it alongside a 20” with similar specs.

Solid points for sure.

I’m looking forward to seeing one of these up close.

3 thoughts on “The United KF22’s tall appeal

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