Curtis Bikes debuts new OS20

The OS20 wheel size had sort of a small uptake since its introduction (about 4 years ago) but it seems like it’s finally start to make its presence felt.

In many cases, it’s the smaller manufacturers (with the exception of GT bikes) that seemed to have embraced it earlier.

In keeping with that trend, UK-based Curtis Bikes*(known for their handmade, made-to-order bikes) recently dropped pics of an OS20 bike they put together for a customer in Australia.

*You might have also seen the Curtis Bikes’ unconventional cruiser post over on our brother site, Cruiser Revolution.


How do the numbers stack up?

Have a look:

  • Head Tube: 74 degrees
  • Top tube:21.75″ top tube
  • Chain stay: 14.7 – 15.2″
  • Bottom Bracket: 11.5″

Weight-wise, the frame comes in at a respectable 4.08 lbs.


All in all, a sweet little ride from the folks at Curtis Bikes.


Hopefully the proud new owner will share a few pics of it in action too.*

(I’m totally sweating that padset too…gives the bike that perfect old school/mid school vibe.)

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