Rolling in the steep

Rolling in the steep.

Rolling in the street.

With apologies to Adele, this new 22″ frame and fork kit from Anthem Bikes, The JIB, is ready to shred the streets.

With the majority of current 22″ bikes geared to dirt, the field was wide open for a company to build something more street focused.

It looks like Anthem might just be that company!


Featuring a steep 76 degree head angle, short-ish 13.97″ chainstay and 12.71″ bottom bracket…this is — no doubt — going to be one very responsive street jib machine (hence the name?)

Brakeless and set up with chainstay grind plates, you know the streets are going to be where this ride is really going to shine.

Things are definitely starting to get interesting in the 22″ game!


(Pic: 22-inch BMX)

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