WTP brings color to 22″ tires

Where once there was a dearth of good tire options in the 22″ market…now it seems that tire choices in this area are slowly but surely ramping up.

Currently, you have some solid choices —from different companies, even–so that’s a positive sign no matter how you slice it.

With that being said, there are still some gaps in today’s current 22″ tire options.

There are two big ones (in my opinion):

One being a suitable/skinnier race tireS&M has hinted at it…but so far, it doesn’t look like it has made it past the prototype stage.

The second, color options beyond the basic black. Sure it goes with anything…but with color options becoming a thing again in the 20″ world…it would be nice if the industry threw 22″ riders a bone here too.

Turns out We The People (WTP) is working on bridging at least one of these gaps.

That is, a color option beyond the basic black.

WTP is offering a “brown with black sidewall option” on their new-ish Overbite tires (which we wrote about before when they first jumped on the 22″ bandwagon).

It’s a small step, but hopefully one that will lead us to getting more tire color options in the future.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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