WTP jumps on the 22″ bandwagon

When We The People (WTP) dropped a teaser the other day saying that their new Overbite tire would be “…coming soon in some sizes that might just surprise you”…they weren’t kidding!

If you haven’t heard, well…maybe you should sit down for this…WTP is releasing their new tire in a 22″ size!

From what I can tell, the tire is low-profile, 2.3″ wide and 100 PSI.


For a company that has made a name for themselves with their high-quality completes…I can’t help but imagine that a 22″ complete can’t be far behind this news.

And if that’s the case…the 22″ complete market just got a little more crowded, and a lot more competitive.

Which is a big win for you, if you’re shopping for a 22″ complete.

4 thoughts on “WTP jumps on the 22″ bandwagon

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