New double top tube from DITTO BMX

This is a bit of a “first look” as a few things are yet to be confirmed….but since DITTO BMX has already posted about it on Facebook, let’s take a look, shall we?

This double top tube wonder is dubbed the “FLASHBACK”. It will be offered as a frame and fork kit in a limited run of 25 sets. This definitely a step out of the norm of the traditional style frames currently on offer in the 22″ category. The name is definitely fitting given its old school flavor.

Specs-wise, we’re looking at the following:

Top tube: 21.75”

Stand Over: 9.5”

Head Angle: 75 degrees

Bottom Bracket: 11.8”

Chain Stay: 13.9 – 14.5″

Some of the specs are still being confirmed, so watch out for more details to follow on the DITTO BMX website. Likewise, details on the graphics will also be confirmed.

Pretty cool to see DITTO bring something to market with some old school flair while keeping all the modern touches you would expect in a current frame.

Pics from DITTO BMX


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