Gary Turner testing OS20 Bike

Hot on the heels of the news that Standard is debuting an OS20 125r race frame, we learn that legendary frame builder, Gary Turner, is also testing an OS20 race bike with a 22″ top tube!

Gary Turner OS20 prototype

With GT Bicycles already having a complete OS20 bike (the Pro Series XXL OS20), Standard releasing its OS20 125r, and other “artisan” brands like Stout and Indust producing custom OS20 frame and fork sets…this wheel size is finally (after almost four years after its introduction) starting to see some momentum.

Standard debuts OS20 125R

This feels like it kind of came out of nowhere….

Standard Bykes dropped the news yesterday that not only were they developing an OS20-version of their popular 125r frame…but they were,

“going to start stocking these race frames and forks ASAP”

Hot damn, that’s big news.

standard os20 125r

I wonder who the next company will be to offer a stock model in the OS20-size?

With GT already offering an OS20 complete, the Pro Series XXL OS20 (the one Mike Day had a hand in developing), the “OS20 space” seems to have gotten a whole lot more interesting.

(Pic: Standard Bykes)