OS20 overload from Standard

Oh man.

Just caught this on the socials today…Standard is busting out a rainbow of purty trans colored OS20 frames!

Trans gold, blue, red and green…Wow!

Here’s a better shot of the frames:

I would have a seriously hard time choosing a color from this lineup…they all look that good!

And if color ain’t your thing….clear over raw is pretty dialed too!

Hot damn, Standard’s OS20 game is tight!


All pics: Standard Bykes

Standard OS20 race build spotted

We’ve been watching Standard Bykes foray into OS20 bikes with some interest now ever since the debut of the OS20 125r.

The translucent bronze version caught our eye most recently.

But up until this point we haven’t seen one all built up (just frames & forks).

That all changed today.

Standard showcased this build on their social media feeds.


Classic gray with black components and 20mm drops on the frame and fork.

Surprisingly — for a race rig at least — this build got outfitted with 990-style brakes. According to Standard, it’s a no-charge option.

I kinda dig it.

Looking forward to seeing more of these builds!

Standard’s OS20 overture cont’d

With the surprise news that Standard Bikes was adding the OS20 125r to their frame lineup, I was anxious to see when another OS20 frame would roll off the line.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Peep this bad boy.

Standard OS20 125r Trans Bronze

In Translucent Bronze!

(It’s a stock color too.)

According to Standard, if you’re so inclined, pretty much the whole menu of custom options is available on these frames.

So you want to tweak the headtube, bottom bracket, dropouts or brake setup…or pretty much whatever…they can probably help you out.

Gary Turner testing OS20 Bike

Hot on the heels of the news that Standard is debuting an OS20 125r race frame, we learn that legendary frame builder, Gary Turner, is also testing an OS20 race bike with a 22″ top tube!

Gary Turner OS20 prototype

With GT Bicycles already having a complete OS20 bike (the Pro Series XXL OS20), Standard releasing its OS20 125r, and other “artisan” brands like Stout and Indust producing custom OS20 frame and fork sets…this wheel size is finally (after almost four years after its introduction) starting to see some momentum.