A closer look at the FIT BF22

Last week’s Interbike show provided the perfect opportunity to check out the much anticipated FIT BF22.

S&M/FIT had teased it would be there in the days leading up to the show and I was anxious to check it out.

However, it wasn’t going to be Interbike when I would first get to check it out.

Trying to make the most of my trip, I had tacked on a couple days to visit Austin.

Of course, no BMXer’s trip to Austin is complete without a trip to Empire BMX.

While I was casually perusing the goods there I asked about the new BF22 and when it would be in the store.

Turns out it was already in the store!

The sales guy suggested I take it down from the display and take a closer look.

Not needing more of an invitation then that I promptly pulled it down.

And took it for a spin (in the store).

Does it ever ride nice!

fit-bf22-empireRoomy and comfortable (I’m 6′ 3″) this bike felt like a super-sized 20.

(Check out the complete specs here.)

When I finally got to Interbike, I made a beeline to the S&M booth and found it proudly displayed.

fit-bf22-side-interbikeI snapped a few more pics…just to be thorough (and of course, to check it out again).

fit-bf22-front-interbikePeep those Speedball tires.

I think these completes are gonna go like hot cakes.

For more Interbike coverage, click over to Cruiser Revolution.

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