Fit goes chrome for its new 22″

Hot on the heels of learning that the Stolen Spade 22 is going chrome in 2019…we find out that Fitbikeco is going chrome as well for its 2019 model 22″.

Word on the street is that the BF22 is being discontinued and replaced by this new chrome beauty.

Chris Moeller let the cat out of the bag when a picture showed up on the socials of him reclining post photoshoot with a beer…and the new 22″ hanging on the bike rack behind him.

(photo below from the @gutstains insta)

No word yet on specs or geometry….but it looks mighty tasty!

(And it looks like we might have a chrome trend on our hands…not that I’m complaining)

BF22 Promo does not disappoint

Heck, with the FitBikeCo BF22 back for 2018, we’ve been waiting with bated breath to see Brian Foster (BF) shredding on the BF22.

FitBikeCo has come though, with a promo vid of the Blue Falcon shredding the BF22 in a way only way he can.

So Good.

BF on the BF22

Brian Foster busted out the 2018 FitBikeCo BF22 on his Instagram today and shared some of his thoughts on the bike after spending the day shredding it.

 I can see taller riders and older dudes that don’t get  out as much as they used to but still want to cut loose really being into this. It is super comfortable and a little more forgiving than a traditional 20 inch.

Sounds good to me.

Now, let’s check him out shreddin’ it:


BF22: back in black for 2018

Fitbikeco’s BF22 is returning to the Fit lineup for the 2018 model year.

This time it’s back in trans black with a full (yes!) cro-mo frame.

Chris Moeller dropped a teaser pic of it the other day…and boy, does it ever look nice!

It seemed that the only “complaint” with the BF22 last year was the frame not being full cro-mo…with that addressed, Fit just made a good complete bike even better.

Which is good timing given that with so many new (and updated) 22s hitting the market… bike buyers are going to have a lot of choice…and bike companies can’t be seen as not offering the best bang for the buck.

A closer look at the FIT BF22

Last week’s Interbike show provided the perfect opportunity to check out the much anticipated FIT BF22.

S&M/FIT had teased it would be there in the days leading up to the show and I was anxious to check it out.

However, it wasn’t going to be Interbike when I would first get to check it out.

Trying to make the most of my trip, I had tacked on a couple days to visit Austin.

Of course, no BMXer’s trip to Austin is complete without a trip to Empire BMX.

While I was casually perusing the goods there I asked about the new BF22 and when it would be in the store.

Turns out it was already in the store!

The sales guy suggested I take it down from the display and take a closer look.

Not needing more of an invitation then that I promptly pulled it down.

And took it for a spin (in the store).

Does it ever ride nice!

fit-bf22-empireRoomy and comfortable (I’m 6′ 3″) this bike felt like a super-sized 20.

(Check out the complete specs here.)

When I finally got to Interbike, I made a beeline to the S&M booth and found it proudly displayed.

fit-bf22-side-interbikeI snapped a few more pics…just to be thorough (and of course, to check it out again).

fit-bf22-front-interbikePeep those Speedball tires.

I think these completes are gonna go like hot cakes.

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