First look: 22″ DK General Lee

With so much 22″ stuff in the pipeline set for release — much of it already on the radar with “sneak peeks” and the like — it’s kinda nice to get surprised with something unexpected.

Case in point, DK dropping the news in a cheeky instagram post (below) that a 22″ version of the iconic DK General Lee was coming out.

Word on the street is that the new rig shares the same geo as the 22″ DK Vega…and like the DK Vega, the 22″ General Lee will be full cro-mo.

Pretty cool.

If this comes in at anywhere near the pricepoint of the Vega (and why wouldn’t it?)…look out, because this bike is probably going to be a hot seller.

DK busts out the 22″ Vega for 2017

Among all the news coming out of Interbike, some really big news dropped the week of the show from a company that wasn’t even at Interbike.

That news (if you missed it on the Big and Tall BMX Facebook page) is that DK’s releasing a 22″ complete called the Vega for 2017!


We’re talking a full cro-mo (frame, fork & bars) complete with all sealed components for $449 (US).


Here’s some other highlights:

  • Top tube: 22 1/8″
  • Chain stay: 14″
  • Cranks: 170mm
  • Bars: 8.8″

Those tapered fork legs are pretty nice too.

Here’s Matt Bischoff walking through the features.

Tire choice is a big thing for 22″ completes (given it’s “emerging market” status) and the Vega has got you covered with an Innova low-profile knobby tire.  Innova tires have had a bit of a mixed reputation in the 22″ world but this tire looks like a much improved tire over previous Innova 22′ iterations.


All in all, an impressive package from the good folks at DK.

I had heard a while back that they were considering a 22″ and it’s great to see it finally make it into the lineup.

Looking forward to seeing it when it hits shops in November.


(All pics: DK Bicycles)