DK busts out the 22″ Vega for 2017

Among all the news coming out of Interbike, some really big news dropped the week of the show from a company that wasn’t even at Interbike.

That news (if you missed it on the Big and Tall BMX Facebook page) is that DK’s releasing a 22″ complete called the Vega for 2017!


We’re talking a full cro-mo (frame, fork & bars) complete with all sealed components for $449 (US).


Here’s some other highlights:

  • Top tube: 22 1/8″
  • Chain stay: 14″
  • Cranks: 170mm
  • Bars: 8.8″

Those tapered fork legs are pretty nice too.

Here’s Matt Bischoff walking through the features.

Tire choice is a big thing for 22″ completes (given it’s “emerging market” status) and the Vega has got you covered with an Innova low-profile knobby tire.  Innova tires have had a bit of a mixed reputation in the 22″ world but this tire looks like a much improved tire over previous Innova 22′ iterations.


All in all, an impressive package from the good folks at DK.

I had heard a while back that they were considering a 22″ and it’s great to see it finally make it into the lineup.

Looking forward to seeing it when it hits shops in November.


(All pics: DK Bicycles)

Kyle Forte shreds KF22 in new vid

We checked out Kyle Forte’s new United signature model, the KF22, a couple weeks back and took note of Kyle’s claim that it would hold special appeal to tall riders.

We didn’t doubt Kyle on that, but the real question we wanted to know is…how does it ride?

Well, Kyle provides the answer in this new promo vid for the KF22.

He flat out shreds on it.

Check it.

S&M testing 22″ Speedball tires

Even with the momentum of more and more bike brands entering the 22″ market, one of the sticking points in the adoption of this wheel/bike size is the dearth of quality tire options.

Thankfully, this looks like it is starting to change.

Much in the same way that S&M was one of the first big companies to jump into the 22″ scene (after Faction pioneered it) with a 22″ frame kit and tires…S&M is again trying to fill the gap of tire options with some new choices.

S&M 22in Speedball tires

Case in point, this week we heard the news that Scott Matual is currently testing some prototype SPEEDBALL 22″ tires for S&M.

The tires sport a broken up center tread from the TRACKMARK tire but in a normal casing with wire bead.  Designed for dirt or park, they will come in 2.25″ and 2.4″ sizes.

Nice to see some more 22″ tire choices on the horizon.

The return of Chicago bars

Although I’m unsure of how the term “chicago bars” originated, I am sure that BMXers the world over have come across the term at some point in their riding careers.

(The moniker refers to the way-past-the-headangle forward positioning of a bike’s handlebars.)

Taller riders in the 80s tended to opt for a mild chicago handlebar position to accomodate the shorter frame top tubes of the era. 90s-era vert riders picked up the mantle in the decade that followed for better handling on the bigger ramps of the day.

In the years that followed, with the rise of dirt, street…and the benefit of longer frames…the chicago bar position seemed to fall out favor.

But is it on its way back?

If a recent Ride magazine interview with Charlie Crumlish is any barometer, signs point to “yes”.

In the interview, reader Daniel Miramontes asks:

Why do you ride your bars forward, and not aligned to your forks?

Charlie responded:

As bars get taller, they are brought closer to your body because of the angle of the headtube. It’s not 90 degrees straight up–it’s 75-ish degrees and pointed towards you. Say you have two bikes, both of them in line with the forks, one has 8.5″ rise bars and the other has 10″. The 10s will sit a lot closer to the rider’s legs and feel weird. So as I went taller, they kept moving forward and it feels great. Having too short of a front end feels like I don’t get any pop when I pull up. I’m also 6’4″ so it helps make my bike a little longer.

Granted, Charlie is known as much for riding a different looking bike as he is for his signature riding style.

charlie crumlish

That being said, you can’t argue with his explanation regarding how taller bars…and a taller riders height…point to the need to go at least a little chicago when you go to set up your bike.


If you want to get a little “Chicago” yourself, why not run a pair of the S&M FUBARS Charlie designed.