S&M testing 22″ Speedball tires

Even with the momentum of more and more bike brands entering the 22″ market, one of the sticking points in the adoption of this wheel/bike size is the dearth of quality tire options.

Thankfully, this looks like it is starting to change.

Much in the same way that S&M was one of the first big companies to jump into the 22″ scene (after Faction pioneered it) with a 22″ frame kit and tires…S&M is again trying to fill the gap of tire options with some new choices.

S&M 22in Speedball tires

Case in point, this week we heard the news that Scott Matual is currently testing some prototype SPEEDBALL 22″ tires for S&M.

The tires sport a broken up center tread from the TRACKMARK tire but in a normal casing with wire bead.  Designed for dirt or park, they will come in 2.25″ and 2.4″ sizes.

Nice to see some more 22″ tire choices on the horizon.