More 22″ stuff from Stolen & WTP on the way

BMX Union posted an article earlier this week on the rise of the 22″ BMX bike.

It covered most of the backstory of this niche of BMX, including some of the more recent developments we’ve covered as of late on this site, including the new 22″ We The People (WTP) tires and the new 22″ Deluxe frame sets.

The article also served to prompt a couple of major name companies to weigh in with announcements of their own in regard to some of their pending 22″ offerings.

We The People announced they will be introducing a mid-range complete 22″ bike (!), along with an aftermarket frame, forks, rims, tires and a complete wheel set. Salt (the WTP sub-brand) will also be offering an affordable pricepoint 22″ wheelset.

If you follow the Big and Tall BMX insta page, you are already partially in the know about the next announcement.

Stolen is already shipping 22″ wheelsets and rims out.

What’s new, however, is the news that Stolen Bikes (in collaboration with Fiction) will be offering the following 22″ items in June:

  • Stolen “Spade Pro” 22-inch frame
  • Stolen Spade complete bike
  • Fiction Troop Tire in 22 x 2.30 size


We definitely won’t be hurting for choice on the 22″ front this year.

Great news all around.

Deluxe BMX has a 22″ frame too

With all the 22″ news yesterday, you might have thought it was the 22nd of the month or something…Oh, wait…nevermind.

On the same day we hear of WTP jumping on the 22″ bandwagon, comes news of Deluxe BMX offering a 22″ frame themselves.


In the news categories of “this feels so right” and “why didn’t this happen sooner?” this news item is at the top of the list.

Really, what could be better than a company dedicated to trails riders coming out with a 22″ frame dedicated to trails riding.

No word yet on specs, but given that Deluxe is behind it I expect it to be dialed.