Cult Bikes testing new race frame

Cult Bikes is no stranger to trying out new concepts beyond the typical 20″ freestyle bike…The Simpsons/CULT Duffman Cruiser and the new  26″ Devotion Cruiser are proof of that.

Now it looks like Cult owner, and former pro racer, Robbie Morales is going back to his roots with another concept.

At a recent National in Vegas, he had one of the Cult Crew racing a protype Cult race frame!


Pull magazine managed to snag a pic (above)…so we have photographic evidence.

No word yet on specs or when (or if) these will go into production.

We’re going to be keeping our eyes peeled though.

Deluxe BMX has a 22″ frame too

With all the 22″ news yesterday, you might have thought it was the 22nd of the month or something…Oh, wait…nevermind.

On the same day we hear of WTP jumping on the 22″ bandwagon, comes news of Deluxe BMX offering a 22″ frame themselves.


In the news categories of “this feels so right” and “why didn’t this happen sooner?” this news item is at the top of the list.

Really, what could be better than a company dedicated to trails riders coming out with a 22″ frame dedicated to trails riding.

No word yet on specs, but given that Deluxe is behind it I expect it to be dialed.

WTP jumps on the 22″ bandwagon

When We The People (WTP) dropped a teaser the other day saying that their new Overbite tire would be “…coming soon in some sizes that might just surprise you”…they weren’t kidding!

If you haven’t heard, well…maybe you should sit down for this…WTP is releasing their new tire in a 22″ size!

From what I can tell, the tire is low-profile, 2.3″ wide and 100 PSI.


For a company that has made a name for themselves with their high-quality completes…I can’t help but imagine that a 22″ complete can’t be far behind this news.

And if that’s the case…the 22″ complete market just got a little more crowded, and a lot more competitive.

Which is a big win for you, if you’re shopping for a 22″ complete.

Bigger bars for the race crowd

The big bar trend has been firmly established in the freestyle side of BMX…but if you’re a racer…the options are still pretty slim.

Of course, if you’re insistent about running big bars, you could always run freestyle bars.

But then you’re paying a weight penalty.

And as any self-respecting weight-weenie knows, ya gotta shave those ounces to get an edge on the competition.

To remedy this situation, S&M has starting producing their popular Race XLT bars in 9.25″, 9.5″, 9.75″ and 10″ sizes.

New sizes of @sandmbmx RACE XLT bars being made now: 9.25", 9.5", 9.75" and 10" #shieldbmx #usabmx #bmxracing #bmx

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Yowza, that’s some big race bars.

If Gary Ellis ever made a racing a comeback, I think these would most certainly be on his radar.


Definitely worth checking out if you want to bring up the height of the front end of your race bike.

All along the High Tower

We’re all about big setups here, so when we came across this custom build by Pedal Driven Cycles we were stoked!

23.5" top tube custom 22" wheel machine. Big bike for a big man @stahl4130 @22inchbmx #bmx #americanmade #athensgamade

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You’re looking at an American-made 23.5″ top tube, 22″ wheel frame…yowza!

Peep these specs:

  • 74.5° head tube
  • 71° seat tube
  • 23.5 top tube
  • 14-14.7″ chain stay
  • 12.25 bottom bracket
  • 10″ stand over

Definitely a big bike for a big dude.

Built up for Matt Stahl (who has since dubbed it “The Hightower”) this frame probably has got a lot of bigger guys scratching their chins and contemplating going the custom route.

I know it has for me!

Have a peek at it all put together.

Looks so dialed!


*This post is best read with this turned up loud.

Upsizing a 20-inch Haro XL to OS20

Jack Hoobler got a hold of us recently to tell us about his Haro OS20 that was built up for him by Marysville Bike Shop in Washington state.

According to Jack, the shop is pushing 22 and OS20 wheels in a a big way, even going so far as keeping a large stock of OS20 rims and tires on hand in-store.

What’s interesting about his setup is that Jack’s Haro is actually a 20″ Pro XL with OS20 wheels added to it.


The impetus for the “upgrade” was Jack complaining to the folks at the shop about how hard it was to go from his Downhill bike to his 20″.

They suggested that he try out the Doublecross they had built up with OS20 wheels.

However, instead of hopping on the Doublecross, he decided to borrow the wheels and have them installed on his Haro.

The result?

He was skeptical at first about the bottom bracket being too high, but he says the bike now feels perfect. Everything lined up well…including the brakes! He was even able to keep the rear wheel slammed.


Looks like an awesome setup.

Apparently the Marysville Bike Shop has a couple more OS20 builds/experiments underway as well.

Looking forward to checking them in the (hopefully) near future!