Prototype OS20 Alpha is trick

Spotted this one in the Jan/Feb. issue of Pull Magazine: Michael Von Sothen’s custom OS20 Alpha prototype.

This rig is tricked out.

Check out this spec list (in addition to the OS20 wheels), it features:

  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Gates belt drive (with a custom split dropout)
  • 20 mm axles
  • One-piece CNC’ed BB junction
  • 3-D headtube.

That’s a lot of stuff going on here.



A 22″ Mongoose prototype rolls in

You may recall an earlier post where we alerted you to Mongoose rider, Josh Hult, getting some 22″ wheels laced up in anticipation of putting a 22″ build.

Well, Josh has shared a picture of his new Lairdframe-built 22″ Mongoose prototype (with those wheels)…and boy, does it look good!

That trans blue is so nice!

So, how does it handle?

Judging from this tuck no-hander on his first ride…I’m going to venture it’s not too shabby.

Is it too early to start planning a production run of these Mongoose?

I think not.

OS20 overload from Standard

Oh man.

Just caught this on the socials today…Standard is busting out a rainbow of purty trans colored OS20 frames!

Trans gold, blue, red and green…Wow!

Here’s a better shot of the frames:

I would have a seriously hard time choosing a color from this lineup…they all look that good!

And if color ain’t your thing….clear over raw is pretty dialed too!

Hot damn, Standard’s OS20 game is tight!


All pics: Standard Bykes

A 22″ Mongoose? Definitely maybe

Well, looky here now…

I spotted this over on the Albe’s Instagram page:

Mongoose’s own Josh Hult getting himself some 22″ Revenge wheels laced up!

Does that a 22″ Mongoose is on the horizon?


According to Josh,

it’s not for sure but I’m testing the waters with it to see if they want to go that way in the future

Too be fair, a tad non-committal…but I think Josh is going to be providing some positive feedback on the whole 22″ thing back to Mongoose (I gotta feeling)

Looking forward to seeing Josh busting out some moves like this in the future, only now with 22″ wheels.




WTP brings color to 22″ tires

Where once there was a dearth of good tire options in the 22″ market…now it seems that tire choices in this area are slowly but surely ramping up.

Currently, you have some solid choices —from different companies, even–so that’s a positive sign no matter how you slice it.

With that being said, there are still some gaps in today’s current 22″ tire options.

There are two big ones (in my opinion):

One being a suitable/skinnier race tireS&M has hinted at it…but so far, it doesn’t look like it has made it past the prototype stage.

The second, color options beyond the basic black. Sure it goes with anything…but with color options becoming a thing again in the 20″ world…it would be nice if the industry threw 22″ riders a bone here too.

Turns out We The People (WTP) is working on bridging at least one of these gaps.

That is, a color option beyond the basic black.

WTP is offering a “brown with black sidewall option” on their new-ish Overbite tires (which we wrote about before when they first jumped on the 22″ bandwagon).

It’s a small step, but hopefully one that will lead us to getting more tire color options in the future.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Verde jumps on the 22″ bandwagon

You can add Verde to the list of companies jumping on the 22″ bandwagon.

Frankly, it’s getting to the point that it seems weird when a BMX company doesn’t offer a 22″ option…it just goes to show how far the 22″ movement has come in just the last few years.

In terms of Verde’s 22″ offering, the 22″Spectrum, it’s spec’ed out with a tri-moly frame, full chromoly fork and bars, double-wall rims, and a Verde Neutra drivetrain.

The 320mm Verde one-piece alloy Pivotal post and tanwall (yes!) tires are nice touches as well.

In the colorway department, matte black or matte slate (grey) are your options.

Not too shabby for a first outing in the 22″ category…good job Verde!

OS20 tires mounted on 22″ rims

Ever since Chris Moeller dropped word (in July of last year) that a 22″X1.95 tire from S&M was in the works, I’ve been waiting in eager anticipation for it to drop.

Well, it’s been more than a year and we’re still waiting.

No doubt when these hit the market they’ll be a hot item for riders wanting a slimmer tire for racing, lower rotational weight or smaller size (if only to slip under the wheel height race rules).

But in the meantime…you could follow the lead of Rickard at ORP BMX.

He’s experimenting with mounting OS20 tires onto 22″Revenge rims.

According to ORP, “ it’s hard, real hard” to mount OS20 tires on the Revenge rims.

But as you can see from the pictures, definitely do-able.

Real Sexy New Parts are in Daily. Os20x1.85 on new Speedline Forks.

A post shared by Rickard (@orpbmx) on

Wonder how many racers are going to try out this mod…