OS20 tires mounted on 22″ rims

Ever since Chris Moeller dropped word (in July of last year) that a 22″X1.95 tire from S&M was in the works, I’ve been waiting in eager anticipation for it to drop.

Well, it’s been more than a year and we’re still waiting.

No doubt when these hit the market they’ll be a hot item for riders wanting a slimmer tire for racing, lower rotational weight or smaller size (if only to slip under the wheel height race rules).

But in the meantime…you could follow the lead of Rickard at ORP BMX.

He’s experimenting with mounting OS20 tires onto 22″Revenge rims.

According to ORP, “ it’s hard, real hard” to mount OS20 tires on the Revenge rims.

But as you can see from the pictures, definitely do-able.

Wonder how many racers are going to try out this mod…

Upsizing a 20-inch Haro XL to OS20

Jack Hoobler got a hold of us recently to tell us about his Haro OS20 that was built up for him by Marysville Bike Shop in Washington state.

According to Jack, the shop is pushing 22 and OS20 wheels in a a big way, even going so far as keeping a large stock of OS20 rims and tires on hand in-store.

What’s interesting about his setup is that Jack’s Haro is actually a 20″ Pro XL with OS20 wheels added to it.


The impetus for the “upgrade” was Jack complaining to the folks at the shop about how hard it was to go from his Downhill bike to his 20″.

They suggested that he try out the Doublecross they had built up with OS20 wheels.

However, instead of hopping on the Doublecross, he decided to borrow the wheels and have them installed on his Haro.

The result?

He was skeptical at first about the bottom bracket being too high, but he says the bike now feels perfect. Everything lined up well…including the brakes! He was even able to keep the rear wheel slammed.


Looks like an awesome setup.

Apparently the Marysville Bike Shop has a couple more OS20 builds/experiments underway as well.

Looking forward to checking them in the (hopefully) near future!

Curtis Bikes debuts new OS20

The OS20 wheel size had sort of a small uptake since its introduction (about 4 years ago) but it seems like it’s finally start to make its presence felt.

In many cases, it’s the smaller manufacturers (with the exception of GT bikes) that seemed to have embraced it earlier.

In keeping with that trend, UK-based Curtis Bikes*(known for their handmade, made-to-order bikes) recently dropped pics of an OS20 bike they put together for a customer in Australia.

*You might have also seen the Curtis Bikes’ unconventional cruiser post over on our brother site, Cruiser Revolution.


How do the numbers stack up?

Have a look:

  • Head Tube: 74 degrees
  • Top tube:21.75″ top tube
  • Chain stay: 14.7 – 15.2″
  • Bottom Bracket: 11.5″

Weight-wise, the frame comes in at a respectable 4.08 lbs.


All in all, a sweet little ride from the folks at Curtis Bikes.


Hopefully the proud new owner will share a few pics of it in action too.*

(I’m totally sweating that padset too…gives the bike that perfect old school/mid school vibe.)

Standard’s OS20 overture cont’d

With the surprise news that Standard Bikes was adding the OS20 125r to their frame lineup, I was anxious to see when another OS20 frame would roll off the line.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Peep this bad boy.

Standard OS20 125r Trans Bronze

In Translucent Bronze!

(It’s a stock color too.)

According to Standard, if you’re so inclined, pretty much the whole menu of custom options is available on these frames.

So you want to tweak the headtube, bottom bracket, dropouts or brake setup…or pretty much whatever…they can probably help you out.